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On the Campaign Trail...

It's been great meeting so many of you while I'm out door-knocking and putting up signs; your positivity and encouragement give me more energy than you could realize. Whenever I can, I take my daughter with me.

She has plenty of other things she could be doing with her summer and because of that, I feel very lucky that when I start heading out the door she's always asks me if she can help out. I always say yes if her busy schedule allows it because the best part of this whole journey is showing her first hand a very important part of the American political process: the campaign.

Recently my parents tagged along and they had so much fun they said they want to drive up from Rochester to help out on a regular basis. Thank you to everyone who has been so kind to all of us.

If you see me out in your neighborhood, I encourage you to stop me for a conversation - you'll have to tell me when it's time to stop the conversation because I could go on talking for hours to most people. Remind me we both have places to be and things to do and that we can pick this up another time.

Stay tuned for more updates...

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