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As your new Mayor, Chris Klavetter will inspire change for the betterment of Burnsville, the people here and the businesses we rely on.  He also aims to strengthen the City's relationship with school district ISD 191. 

Chris has been a firefighter with the Saint Paul Fire department for over 15 years and Chris has worked on the Minnesota Combat Sports Commission since 2011.

Chris served a total of ten years in the military, between being a paratrooper with the 82d Airborne Division and then a member of the MN Air Force National Guard fire department.

Chris was appointed Economic Development Commissioner with the City of Burnsville in the spring of 2019, which sparked new ideas for giving even more to the community he loves.  Thus, he decided to become a Mayoral candidate in 2020, while remaining available for assistance related

to this role - please contact him with questions or concerns!

In his free time, Chris enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with his family, making the most of the great outdoors with their dogs, and refurbishing classic arcade games.

He also loves meeting new people and would be delighted if you approach him when you spot him out around town.

Can't wait?  Email him today!

Inspiring Change for the betterment

of the people and businesses of Burnsville

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